Armed Teachers

pexels-photo-220443.jpegArmed Teachers

“This crazy man that walks in wouldn’t even know who it is that has it, that’s good, that’s not bad, that’s good, and a teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened” (followed by rapturous applause)

Donald Trump, CPAC Conference, 2018


The only flaw with soldiers in schools is the battle untreated,

imagine a Timothy McVeigh herding in the lambs at Oklahoma High,

one morning someone presses the button and detonates the post traumatic trigger.


Imagine the uploaded carnage on YouTube after the advert for Coco Chanel parfum,

the blood blotted sunsets on shrouded sheets covering American angels,

imagine the hellfire of a teacher bursting in to take down the devil(s).


The only flaw with teachers concealing guns is also the concealment of mental health,

what if one of them was laying down in secret with a crush girl who told on him,

imagine him cornered would he take her and womanhood down.


Imagine the unclaimed school bag with its insides hanging out unclaimed for hours,

picture a patiently waiting Mother screaming a name over and over and over,

the bag comes out in a plastic bag by the FBI and it kills her daily.


You should always control anger in a poem, it should be the trigger of eyes wide open.

I have quoted Donald Trump as he bounced from the strings of the NRA,

when he bursts into a room and shoots his mouth off we die a little more.


Timothy McVeigh (ex soldier suffering from PTSD who was responsible for the Oklahoma bombings.

A majority of U.S. troops discharged from the military for misconduct during a four-year period ending in 2015 had been diagnosed with mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury, a new study found.



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