The unfashionable death of another Syrian daughter


Knock-kneed from Sarin she walked in perfect ovals

the girl is being evacuated from her bowels,

forget the image think of her an hour ago,


her fingers were jade from ripping coriander for soup,

she combed that smell into her hair for her Mother,

in fifty-eight minutes the whole world will care.


A pilot from Earth once described the explosion of a bomb,

he said it looked like a folded up Christmas tree

down there are people unwrapping their skin.


Back to the girl or do we skip forward to the end? Yes lets.

Captain America and Wonder Woman from Tel Aviv came

They saved them all and the camera zoomed in on the credits.


Daughter of Syria played by a caption of Coco by Chanel,

Mother of Daughter interrupted by an advert for Amazon,

I travelled there last night to order some cologne, how clever.


The end of this poem is random, imagine street dogs sharing meat,

They tear each other to shreds then another dog comes and another.

Leave an emoji at the grave, share the meat, shine a bat-light to Aleppo


Help us.


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