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Errata to the Lord’s prayer

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“The devils hide flames up their sleeves”



And so it was, Syria was Magdalene

Judas bit his lip releasing vinegar

A dove tore its feathers out

Smashed itself into a roman shield

And so it was, Syria was Magdalene.


And so it was, the hearts were emptied

Like Aldi shelves of slave made bread

The roads were lit like bloodied serpents,

A woman was trampled over for fuel,

And so it was, Syria was Magdalene.


And so it was, Syria forgave its trespassers,

An oligarch who curled air with his cigar,

A huckster with a fake tan and heart

Throwing the name of god around like a punctured baseball.

And so it was Earth was Magdalene,

Devils ate the cities and a cockroach wheeled sun on its back


And so it was the trees looked like scales

Rook nests turned to bulbs and a final song played out

The argumentative mansplainer pissed his pants,

A dog barked with no fur at zombies draped in skin

And so it was Judas lived on, maddened in a gold plated bunker.