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The teargassing of an infant

Posted in Uncategorized on May 15, 2018 by antonyowen


Born in your mother-cloud you emerged pure as water

That blue sky on you, that blue dye on you

I say your name aloud, earth daughter,

Earth daughter, you are not mine

Blood and bread to wine

Mirth and slaughter

Earth and daughter.


When you teargas a baby the very wind itself is affronted

That strangers hand on you, that disputed land on you

I say your name aloud, earth daughter, earth daughter

Israeli and Saud in human shroud we are all water,

Blood and bread to wine over spilling

Mud and lead to cypress vine

I know of her killing.


When you teargas a baby, land can no longer be disputed,

A star is blunted as fresh soil is uprooted

Bury her without a shot being fired

Hold the Mother she is tired

Find the Father he is lost

Earth and daughter

Mirth and slaughter

Land and cost.