The shooting of a white woman in Al-Ghoyari Town

photo of guy fawkes mask with red flower on top on hand

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There was no white woman in Al-Ghoyari town

and no town exists in the world called Al-Ghoyari town

but if the title suggests and both exist but the woman was black

would you accept my invitation to stanza two and read what happens to her?


There was no black woman in Al-Ghoyari town

and yet towns like that exist in places like Yemen, Gaza,

a colourless woman uncovers her face when her voice is naked

it is the body of God opposing man, it is the oil that matters, sweat, blood, tears.


I have a confession to make to the Gods and the grape givers on blasphemous walls,

there is a child with an earthquake in his body from a bomb you sold,

there is a devil in a Bentley and he will die with fish eggs on his lips

earlier that day his hand unmade twenty-eight sons, daughters.


There was no white woman in Al-Ghoyari town

and for those who accepted my invitation I thank you

I was taught to read epitaphs from the beginning to the end

I chose to learn that when breath leaves the body we are not here

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