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American Stalag 24

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To work out immigration learn American math.

Write prime numbers on secondary sapiens,

divide mother from half weaned babe

multiply by thousand and whatever.

I keep getting the wrong answer

= American Stalag 24.


I was told to go fuck myself by Eugene in Ohio

“We kicked your sorry English asses man”

I must confess a redcoat sang me sky

It was a Robin on Mr Sandhu’s wall

He leaves chicken wings there

All the migrant birds come

I have heard Ohio Eugene.


I was told to go fuck my mother by a mother in Tampa,

She told me “We saved your asses from Hitler”

I want to save her from herself and the babe,

Yes the babe I saw at the end of the world

This is where pilgrims vanish in chalk,

Like children of Columbine

Shooting up to forget.


I had a dream that Melania Trump prayed to a blond Jesus,

And Jesus from Mexico begged for his boy back,

Give me back my boy, give me back Jesus

I had a dream that Eugene fucked me

He was wearing a red coat singing

America the beautiful,

a crow-crake woke me






love poem for an injured wolf

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Your bones into mine

Spread out like candlelit halls

A dark vastness stilled.

Your tongue in my mouth

A wet flame engulfing me

Dark petering out.

My blood in your blood

Oil of your oil on white canvass

We wane as moon hyde.

We slept in sheepskin

Wolf inside lamb wailing

I am vast like the hall inside a cello.