American Stalag 24



To work out immigration learn American math.

Write prime numbers on secondary sapiens,

divide mother from half weaned babe

multiply by thousand and whatever.

I keep getting the wrong answer

= American Stalag 24.


I was told to go fuck myself by Eugene in Ohio

“We kicked your sorry English asses man”

I must confess a redcoat sang me sky

It was a Robin on Mr Sandhu’s wall

He leaves chicken wings there

All the migrant birds come

I have heard Ohio Eugene.


I was told to go fuck my mother by a mother in Tampa,

She told me “We saved your asses from Hitler”

I want to save her from herself and the babe,

Yes the babe I saw at the end of the world

This is where pilgrims vanish in chalk,

Like children of Columbine

Shooting up to forget.


I had a dream that Melania Trump prayed to a blond Jesus,

And Jesus from Mexico begged for his boy back,

Give me back my boy, give me back Jesus

I had a dream that Eugene fucked me

He was wearing a red coat singing

America the beautiful,

a crow-crake woke me






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