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North Tower 11-09-01

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black and white road sky man

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North Tower
These are not your foundations
wrought steel, immigrant bone.
I saw black tears of North Tower
shapes, human commas, the end.
If telephones could pour them back
“We’re on the floor, we can’t breathe”
the line goes dead, a wailing sounds,
please add a full stop it is inhuman.
The Hudson should not be orange,
it should not echo a thrown skyline
Fish mouths are agape on ice trays
these are not your foundations, no,
if a Mother can rise we are human.
In Kabul a dove smashes into glass
twerking violently it dies unnoticed.
Sky is low and birds fall like night,
these are your foundations, alas, yes
today a diorama will be constructed,
pins will be people, the game starts
Forget the falling man, he is erased.
Salaam Alaikum my sworn kin of kin
I’ll read your death as prime numbers
and build foundations of prose to unearth us,
If a single word is out of place then we all
Come a
T         h            e          s      e                                           A  r  e       N   o   t
y         o         u         r
f o u n d a t i o n s
Alonso N-5 Anthony Alvarado N-23
Antonio Javier Alvarez N-70
Victoria Alvarez-Brito N-8
Telmo E. Alvear N-71
Cesar Amoranto Alviar N-16
Tariq Amanullah S-42
Angelo Amaranto N-64
James M. Amato S-7
Joseph Amatuccio S-24
Paul W. Ambrose S-70
Christopher Charles Amoroso S-28
Craig Scott Amundson S-74
Kazuhiro Anai N-63
Calixto Anaya, Jr. S-21
Joseph P. Anchundia S-52
Kermit Charles Anderson N-9
Yvette Constance Anderson S-48
John Jack Andreacchio S-44
Michael Rourke Andrews N-53
Jean Ann Andrucki N-66
Siew-Nya Ang N-5
Joseph Angelini, Sr. S-9
Joseph John Angelini, Jr. S-9
David Lawrence Angell N-1
Mary Lynn Edwards Angell N-1
Laura Angilletta N-32
Doreen J. Angrisani N-15
Lorraine Antigua N-53
Seima David Aoyama N-2
Peter Paul Apollo N-26
Faustino Apostol, Jr. S-6
Frank Thomas Aquilino N-39
Patrick Michael Aranyos S-30
David Gregory Arce S-13
Michael George Arczynski S-54
Louis Arena S-5
Barbara Jean Arestegui N-74
Adam P. Arias S-31
Michael J. Armstrong N-43
Jack Charles Aron N-4
Joshua Todd Aron N-42
Richard Avery Aronow N-66
Myra Joy Aronson N-74
Japhet Jesse Aryee S-48
Carl Francis Asaro S-10
Michael A. Asciak N-63
Michael Edward Asher N-36
Janice Marie Ashley N-58
Thomas J. Ashton N-19
Manuel O. Asitimbay N-68
Gregg A. Atlas S-5
Gerald Thomas Atwood S-11
James Audiffred N-64
Louis F. Aversano, Jr. S-58
Ezra Aviles N-65
Sandy Ayala N-70
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