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Driving through the lane one midsummer morning

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After Robert Frost

road amidst bare trees

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We drove through the half-eaten wilderness

watched trees quiver to a petrol blue mist

I have never seen such gold spray out except sun

Beautiful like the jellyfish mating with shrink wrap

Confused like the jellyfish mating with shrink wrap.


Forget the world as drive through the lane this midsummer dawn

Fling out an arm and weave the wind for the felled tree

Be the root my love, take a chance like the slow old man at amber

Do not sound your horn but turn up the sky-drunk starlings

Let’s talk about what the gods see as they look down from heaven.


You said the gods see a star belt of androids that suddenly go out

You said these are boats of refugees as I phone surfed for a ‘like’

You said let’s drive through these lanes forever for they swerve like hair,

I said we have to go to work and forget all of the above

I said that things rhyme badly at the end of a poem like love.