All the football matches that mattered

soccer goal net

Photo by Tomas Andreopoulos on

Mexico VS USA

Though you lost I remember the free kick

They built a wall but you smashed a ball through it

A Walmart truck driver from Tijuana felt the riches for a moment.


Faroe Islands VS Denmark

Though they thrashed you like waves on hulls on your trawlers

Your sweat glimmered like fishes in the goal net five times in floodlights

By Wednesday you returned to the harbour and three men gave you a heroes welcome.


England Vs Croatia

Though we left Europe like a rope frayed from snapping

We found our way home through dirty blue shallows and Brexit

Our country meant something and white and black skins replaced red white and blue


Five Girls Vs Four Boys from Walthamstow

All of you won the moment you decided to play

Jennifer skinned Raj and they all took the piss laughing for ages.

That night when the moon was full and their bellies rumbling with thunder

They picked up the ball in a hedgerow of drug foil and chose the right path home.

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