Cottage-lands and the very real issue of Anti Semitism.

angry bad john art black and white emotion

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And all the poets and singers cawed over wrongs instead of singing

hanging their opinions like Walmart tinsel from anti-social courtrooms of Facebook.

An immigrant president with ultra violet skin deported wrong coloured immigrants

desecrating true American graves as the sun threw its headdress to comb-over eagles.


And a true Brit told me there is nothing remotely British about tea.

its roots are pulled like tusks of ivory and chopped up like India into granules.

And all the poets and singers shared views instead of poems and songs,

a proper poet slated a poem posted about refugees by Jeff for not being a poem.


And a proper singer went to Israel to sing about peace for two million dollars.

Meanwhile in Hull a crap poet called Jeff posted a poem about a child in Gaza,

how he died from dirty water made holier by a pure mouth that drank it whole,

how his piss was so yellow that it throbbed like sun as it left his urethra.


And a proper poet from Palestine who was imprisoned was labelled an anti-semite,

I heard that her tongue never shaped a poem but the sharpened mind it left from.

Last night I wrote a line that never worked about the territory of her purpled lips,

how her husband asked to trespass them and she permitted him a brother for their son.


And crap poets wrote crap poems about her which were liked by a handful of people,

and these handful of people had never heard of Heaney or Larkin but felt poetry in life.

And talented poets discussed anti-semitism but chose to read poems about the cottage-lands,

And Jeff took a Megabus to Bristol to read his crap poem and came fourth in the slam.


In the cottage-lands smoke blackens the blue sky like Samsons strewn hair over the holy lands.

I am sending Jeff a private message about how the pure alps look like Ku-Klux Klan members,

he is replying to say he is posting a letter through a letter-box painted colonial red,

he is replying to ask me what I think about the comment by Boris on the Niqab,

his is posting a letter to the cottage-lands.


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