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I will break your heart like a wave of refugees

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black and white dead die diving

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In the click-bait plasma reel me in from the slogan sea

share me like whore bones for the sordid little trades.

I was a girl in a glass tide manger, your salt ballerina

dancing in the dark and this is how you found me.


In a tide of nylon the waves undressed me near Crete,

my clothes are behind me now swimming on.

I was a girl in a white dress my mother made

not white enough, the pins cut her lips.


I will break your heart like a wave of refugees

and waves leave black fingers sinking down,

they fizz like cheap prosecco on your lips

come to the shore forever a day more.


Look at the colour of my skin now.

I am white enough for a spade,

sinking into imported mud

to bury the invisibles.


Look at the invisibles

they are numbers

they are nothing.

They are me and

they are all you


at night