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The racists bonfire of Grenfell

Posted in Uncategorized on November 5, 2018 by antonyowen

Lovingly how you exhibited your hatred –

brown paper for heads a giveaway of white darkness.

I have read of what people do when they choke from fumes

in Hiroshima they wrenched a man’s mouth from a water pipe

in Nagasaki a mother resembled an eagle taking off as she shielded her babe.


You do not re-make Grenfell with black tape and dirty white paper,

the foundations wake up burning shouting out to the dead,

a loved one wipes water from their foreheads, holds them

until a fire peters out yet they lay like embers stoking

each other and sometimes she dreams of his smile.


You of the racist hearts can never see or feel or understand this poem.

You who fly the English flag make Britannia a heretic of effigies.

Go to the good wife who tends to her husband’s grave

waters the fire of daffodils in bloom, her swelled belly,

a red flame inside her uterus will be yellow by Winter,

this is the Grenfell fire you cold-hearted bastards.

abstract art blaze bonfire

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