31 Advents for 2019

city man person people

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Open window one

it is stars of David to Palestine

ancient olive trees roar from missile reds

there green and black baubles roll into dust

have you seen the grottos of Palestine in rapture?


Open window two

it is raining in Goliathtown.

Tonight, Hamas is a fruit-seller

the dead crawl from fires like trophy leopards

a girl rinses her pants from a bad dream and dreams.


Open window three,

Grenfell Tower and war child.

It is three hours before the blaze

you are blowing the stars out from floor eight

they are wobbling like your Mother ten hours later.


Open Window four,

No, stop, burn this calendar.

Burn it because they are not numbers.

Burn it whilst your children sleep safely,

remember Santa Claus is fake news, open your eyes.

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