A man leaves his heart for sky

night building forest trees

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have learnt much and I have learnt nothing –

fog is sky visiting us and like sadness we are barely visible

I saw two headlights coming towards me but it was sun and moon

the colour of my grand-mothers hair leaked into the Avalon of a nest,

and each egg lay like broken mouths with the very beginnings of a new world.


I have learnt how to fly into walls and gather with leaves

we whisper the secrets of where we came from and miss it,

the ghosts of all our ancestors converge at the dusk-burnished lake

It reflects the whole world to distract you from seeing below the skins surface.

Take my hand woman and man with tears so heavy that they can no longer rise

we shall wander in this fog and just be and just be and just be and then stop at the gate.


I have learnt how to run into the frith and swirl like a fox in blood warm sleep,

this is how we remember to be human and this is me at my very best.

One day a fox danced in the snow and thawed the whole world

tt made the sun so jealous that by night it unfurled.

This was me at my best, at my most human.

each sunrise hatches new chances to be.

2 Responses to “A man leaves his heart for sky”

  1. I think of all of the poems which I have written, and the volumes on volumes of poems which I have read, and I cannot think of a single poem which has mirrored me like this one has. It has touched the sky and brought it within my reach.

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