Proof that the world was made by a woman

topless woman wearing black bottoms

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Remember when we sorted out the world as we walked through Wren Lane?

I said that black holes were fingerprints of drowned immigrants,

you said it wasn’t possible scientifically but it made us kiss –

I said science never made you respond with a kiss.


Remember when a stray dog whined when you stroked it close to its mouth?

you said it cried because it wasn’t used to being touched kindly by humans,

I said that we should leave it there and it walked away with its head down

you said we could have taken it in but I liked things how they were.


Remember when I was so lost and you stroked my hair until I found the remnants?

I said you had remade my whole world with letting me regrow from destroyed.

You said we were forever and I replied it wasn’t scientifically possible,

you said science never made you respond with a kiss and I…..


And I,

And I loved you

Until the threads of a world killing meteor.

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