Anne Frank went quietly

monochrome photo of statue

Photo by Alain Frechette on

“At Bergen-Belsen, you did not have feelings anymore. You became paralyzed.”

Irma Sonnenberg Menkel


They gave the townsfolk kerchiefs at the gate

dressed in their best they toured Jerusalem ruins –

a torched barn with obedient bones covered in frost,

potatoes sprouting roots over a moat of Jew-dug humans, yes humans.


Anne Frank went quietly and I believe that day a quill fell from a raven,

written on the death perfumed wind was her frail body and

typhus makes a rash like a universe of red stars on skin

if she needed water then rain was her last cleansing.


There was a Ukranian soldier who killed a pig for the prisoners and a

butcher from the nearby town cut it into quarts with cleaner knives

they got sick from eating fast and all the ovens were blocked

all the ovens cried Hansel and Gretel this place is godless.


Anne Frank went quietly and should you get a papercut on her diary,

if you feel a sting then look out for a bee pulsing on the sill

that is the last breath of Anne Frank, it is a flowers death

and do not think of Israel or Gaza, keep her pure, pure.

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