close up of a sign against white background

Photo by Tayeb MEZAHDIA on Pexels.com


Met a woman from Hiroshima whose skin hung from her fingernails

she watched it blow like voile in the purple gamma fog

nobody wanted to hear her tale, “move on” they said.


I wrote an important poem about her and sent it to “The Albino Hare Journal”

They were looking for poems on syntactic compounds of conflict

I broke a rule of not choosing Times New Roman, 11.5 font.


Met a man from nowhere you’ve heard of who put out a blitz with his eyes,

he was just a boy you passed as an old man and you never batted an eyelid,

when he passes on his epitaph will be in any old font, his life was a poem.


I wrote an important poem about the dirt in his fingernails he couldn’t wash off,

“it’s all I had left of my Dad when we planted garlic in fleece and soil”

It was rejected by Guy Perkins-Tott at “Academia Tote Journal”

It was accepted by war dogs with clean teeth and dirty nails.


Met a man who runs a hundred poetry events but no poems for all the above,

it is important to write arts application forms like poetry then write poems.

it is important to come across important so that people who don’t matter

Can keep important things locked inside because they are deemed unimportant.


What is important is poetry magazines with important sounding names.

More important than Brenda so I’ll resubmit and call her Francine Lezanne,

she was peeling pears instead of spuds when the bomb made her black,

her house was a chateau and the winemakers wounds were vermillion red.


This is the poem that will be accepted in poetry magazines with important sounding names



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