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The Saboteur

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fox on snow covered field in forest

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For Leanne


To make sense of your passing I remember a fox in the frost

she was aflame in the Coventry grey then petered out

I remember the warmth, a thawing comes after ice,

for now, I want to feel cold, hunt the redcoat sun

and live these short winter days longer for you.


I see you in the two-tone badger free in its earthly chamber,

above the earth it is cold, so sleep this season and heal,

so selfless were you we never saw your deep wound.

When I was a child, I saw stars in the deep woods

they were eyes of wolves who had moon in them.


I see you in the wolf-eye woods, this is your realm now saboteur –

there are no traps here, you have removed them in life,

you have made it safe for the sentient creatures

so sleep in the nutkin for we are lesser beasts,

you always chased the hunter for them.


I feel you in the thud of a lark for your loved one’s heartbeats,

your life was full as the otter in the salmon stream,

building a dam to keep out the flow of man,

sometimes we can get caught in the current

it sweeps one of us away to such depths.