The jackals of Notre Dame

silhouette with fire background

Photo by isaac taylor on


“Time is greedy, man is greedier”
Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame


If a tree falls in a forest does it make any noise?

If a mosque burns down in Algiers did we make any noise?


If muslim heads on French stamps were licked by silent tongues

do we speak in tongues or French or silence colonial gargoyles?


There is a hunchback of sun haunching its way to the stolen land,

darkness is a callous thief it copies man who paints himself by God in Sistine pastels


Close to god in marble,

in gold, in glory

in the catacomb bowels of hidden skulls.


I am walking through the ashes of Notre Dame

dragging Judas bags of gold,

look – the displaced doves of Notre Dame

hurl themselves south like Calais non-persons.


A Roman Amphitheatre is blown up by Isil and the west send condemnation,

a mosque burns down in French colonial Africa and ears are dried up wells.


I am walking through Paris and Notre Dame is rising with a hundred logos,

we are very grateful to Oligarchs and commercial philanthropists and Fox and Jackal news.

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