The resurrection of Notre Dame sponsored by capitalism

blue and red dress religious man illustration

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

And the glass of Notre Dame was stained by corporate sponsors

candles in Loreal logos flickered like eyes of rabbits in gauze

Donald Trump prayed beneath the blonde-haired saviour.


And waiters from waters of displacement poured evian and merlot

one of them spilled a drop on Prime Minister Farage

“it’s only water he guffawed, only water”


And Donald Trump on his second internment made a great speech:

Tonight, is the resurrection of Notre Dame supported by great friends of mine”

“Please raise a glass to the beautiful fresco of my tweets next to the quote from God”.


And the next day a cleaner from Algiers saw her shadow in the black marble,

she could see herself yet no one else was there to see this miracle,

at night she went home and cleaned her windows, her windows.


And later that night a machine setter donated five euros to another burning mosque.

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