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Son in his Father’s skin

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For my parents

I remember the wildest storm in your arms

it was like a feverish sky rasping in the factory stratus

you had just lost your Father and I was finding myself lost in you.


Far in the distance I watched shadows of people converge on the lip of a hill

they looked like octaves making songs on the orange line of sky

I had just lost my Grandfather and felt him fall from my Fathers eye,


and then

the storms eye passed

night stole the scars of aeroplanes and hard men.


I know something of sky

it left a black cloud in you

and took all the light from you and I.


I am the son in my Fathers skin

the more I shut him out

the less I keep him in.


I remember the troubled sea when you taught me to swim until dark,

in the end I flew like a bird in water once you let me go

you were root of the tree and I was the brittle bark.


Far in the distance I watched my mother wait with a soft smile and coarse towel,

I was the language no one understood and you were consonant and vowel

and now in the pain of night you are the wolves and I your howl.


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