If Yemen was Westeros

abandoned alone blond building

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

If Yemen was Westeros

we’d all grieve for Kit Harrington’s clean-shaven face,

and comment threads on yahoo would stretch from Winterfell to the Brexit-lands.


Theresa May would sell wildfire to be unleashed on a place that does not exist,

on children that do not exist, on a mother fanning fish-smoke to deter plump flies.


I cried at Kit Harrington’s uglier face –

when Gillette slayed him on a sponsored ad,

the best a man can get is mach-twelve with yet another blade to give the closest shave yet.
Another close shave was a house in mythical Yemen where wildfire missed an evil school,

it landed on a tree that Romans once picked olives from on their way to kill Visigoths.

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