The judgement of affluent war criminals we elected

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God in her mercy took you in

dangled a robin to pulse from your chest

to show you the songs you never gave the world.


God in her disgust threw your teeth to barren soil

and told you they would smash the rising raggedy sea

to show you Aphrodite’s clothes is seaweed on dead refugees.


God will play you the ice chimes of a grieving piano

She will tie white people on the black keys and vice versa

You shall listen how black and white work together as you weep.


If I were God, I would not take you in,

I would paint dusk with the Robin’s breast

and the song would be silence as I drop you to fire.


I f were God; I would denounce myself unworthy

I would rip out your heart like a grandfather clocks pendulum

wait at the shore for refugees in kelp coats to wash you in their limbo.


If I were God, I would stare upon earths autopsy and weep

but I am not God, I drift like white snow into the listing nothingness

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