My dad wants to meet for coffee again ~ poetry by Antony Owen

The Disappointed Housewife

Perhaps I should soften like April light on the hardy plants 
that is my attempt at creating a metaphor out of my dad 
and I can do better than that but poets are sometimes arseholes. 

Perhaps I should learn from the condensation in a bouquet 
and understand that cut down carnations in their prime have a beauty 
that is a metaphor for me and I am trying so hard not to be an arsehole. 

My dad wants to meet for coffee again and has thrown in he will pay. 
It is tempting to take him up on the offer and meet him in Costa. 
It is tempting like Amsterdam windows but I’ll probably regret it. 

My dad is getting older the light never returns from his wrinkles 
he glows from the inside making his liver spots resemble paper burning. 

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