Anthologies & Literary Magazines

Other poems of mine have featured in the publications credited below.



Magma, The Echo Room, International Times, Under The Radar, Poets Republic, Prole, The Bogmans Cannon, The Meadowland Review, The Peace Centre of International Convention Centre, Hiroshima, Belleville Park Pages, The Wilfred Owen Story, Abridged, The Lake, Turbulence, Ink Sweat & Tears, The Curly Mind,  I am not a silent poet, Amaryllis Review, Eunoia Review, Revival, The Shine Journal (USA), Avocado, Cannons Mouth, Boscombe Revolution, Alliterati, Sleepy House, Snorkel (Australia), Weary Blues (New Binary Press) Brick Rhetoric (USA), Damazine Literary Journal, Ancient Heart (Australia), Stepaway Magazine, Kumquat, Here Comes Everyone, Nous, Message In A Bottle, Cranium Bud, Poem Today, Maverick, The City Inside Us, Peaceful Schools UK,


Poetry International Europe (Steden Schuilen Nuit) / Refugees Welcome (Eyewear Press) / SHABDA PRESS – Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands Anthology / SHERB (Heaventree Press) / AVA GARDNER TOUCHES OF VENUS by Gilbert Gigliotti (Entasis Press, 2009) / RESTLESS BONES for The Born Free Foundation, Edited by Jacqui Rowe (2014) / Kauru Haiku & Tanka Athology / Coal Sack Press Hiroshoma Anthology.

Refugee poems selected for Fired Up Theatre: Mausoleum play at Lichfield Garrick in May 2016.


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