Made in England by a malfunctioned toolmaker and beautiful barmaid…..

C O L L E C T I O N S:

My Father’s Eyes Were Blue (Heaventree Press, 2009)

The Dreaded Boy (Pighog Press, 2011)

The year I loved England by Antony Owen & Joseph Horgan (Pighog Press, 2014)

G E N R E / T A G S

War, urban, love, loss, conflict, multi-cultural, explorative, poignant, hard hitting,


A W A R D S & E X H I B I T I O N S

Wilfred Owen Story – 2011 poetry competition finalist

The Shine Journal – 2010 poetry competition finalist

Hiroshima ICC (peace centre) 2013

Hiroshima exhibition at Chapel of Unity, (Coventry Cathedral) 2012

S A M P L E:


At the catalogued sermon

old psalms staggered with a squaddie’s fiancé

draped in new life.


Enthusiastic organist

shrilled with loose change

in brushed suede begging bowls.


Her astro-turf lover lowered

where heroes are born

to eight foot darkness


Pinned to a cellophane bouquet

a hallmark verse clung to a cliché

of a choked full stop.


Tonight she drowned in Eminem

to surface in something familiar,

his face aglow in the alkaline hearth.

Above poem from The year I loved England available at

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