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My home city Coventry was the first city in the world to twin with another. The twinning was with Stalingrad in 1944 as an expression of peace and reconciliation. Coventry has now established twinning links with 27 cities including Dresden, Belgrade and Arnhem.

For approximately 4 years I volunteered my time to sustain a twinning link promoting poetry between and Coventry and Cork in association with a great organisation called O’Bheal based in Cork. Each year sees a reciprocal exchange of poets from both sides providing touring and readings. Many of the poets exchanged have expressed the importance of a cultural twinning link between our cities. For me both artist and art-form, and reader and listener benefit from this exchange.

This link was officially acknowledged by President Michael Higgins on his historic first visit to England in April 2014. Both Paul Casey, myself and Joseph Horgan were one of a few poets invited to meet President Higgins and we read at the Guild Hall in Coventry and were humbled by his inspirational speech bridging the English and Irish communities enmeshed together by migration.

So far over 30 poets in 7 years have been exchanged and the link goes from strength to strength. In 2015 due to increasing difficulty in working full time, expanding my peace activities to other areas plus my writing commitments, I decided to hand over the reigns to Adam Steiner of Silhouette Press who is now developing/sustaining the links with O’Bheal again. In 2016 I was awarded the Coventry Peace and Reconciliation award for services to my city.

Twin Cities 2013

Twin Cities 2009

Twin Cities 2011

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