Something beautiful happened

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In the slow-mo of tube trains

two men French kissed beneath a clock that made them cry.

An oily gale blew out the Orpington train which took him away

yet something beautiful happened as a busker sang louder for them.


An old friend told me of trains

he said where the yellow line is faded the door will open there

and all these shoes with all their journeys shall congregate waiting

for the hot breath of overfilled trains where people migrate in headphones.


At Euston station I sat outside where pigeons eat Nando’s and hummus

and a man or was it a woman emerged from a sleeping bag asking for change.

I always get lost in Euston at the end of the tracks where London starts

and something beautiful happens when people meet at the screens


waiting for life

and their life

to begin again.

One Response to “Something beautiful happened”

  1. Wow. I thought this was beautiful. Especially the opening stanza

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