#Psalm 17 (for Florida victims)

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Atomic flowers

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Atomic flowers
After Jackson Pollock

Hiroshima rain
gilds skew-whiff spiders web 
woven pus-yellow.

Barren blooms emerge,
bees throb as black bulbs in hoods
a worm crawls out of bony sparrow.

Nobody mourned the horses.
Hooves jutting from rivers
like petrified trees in a galloping sky.

The first nesting sang sweetly,
a man washed his tree bark skin
filling his keloids, with water.

via The Slapping by a Palestinian Girl by Antony Owen

via A black man laid naked in the snow by Antony Owen

Interview with Inkspill

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3 Poems by Antony Owen

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Brexit poem



“I don’t want peoples’ change mate I want a change for people like me who people like you write poems about that no fucker will read because it makes em feel bad. People want happy endings and I ain’t it”

– Lou, Ring Road, Cov

In full view she slept in shrink-wrap popping like a real fire

And she was, she was a real fire petering out in the ghost grey blitz.

In full view she slept presenting a problem in the Al-Fresco wonderland

It’s not good for business bringing your problems from home into our work?

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