Androids and body snatchers

“You live in the same kind of grayness as the filthy stuff that formed you.” 
― Jack Finney, Invasion of the Body Snatchers

blue bubble calamity clean

Photo by Daniel Frank on


Beneath the ice of I.phones I saw the human drown,

I saw them at the five fifteen outside the closed down butchers

and I watched them rise from the pale light as they walked in front of cars.


Last week in the Serengeti of zebra crossings a human zombie got ran over

a man in a van was too busy looking at his phone and hit a man, looking at his phone

then a man with a phone filmed him dying so that men on there phones could share it.


I have seen Sadako in Ringu emerge from a television screen from the well in a rage

and all that looked upon her became contorted like the Oak at Morrisons on Progress Way

I have seen how it plays out when I smashed the ice of my phone and lived free for one day.


In that one day I looked up and there was a world extinct of people who were sleepwalking,

they functioned so well and I went to the drought to await my new sea of glass and

though I never wanted to choose this life it was the life chosen for me so help and goodbye.

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