A racist is welcomed into heaven by a brown Jesus

Peace Poet Antony Owen

astrology astronomy beautiful constellation Photo by Sam Kolder on Pexels.com

I picture you in Boots buying fake tan

you want to look good for the march and you’re too white.

You want to air your views that our Island is sinking with non-natives.

You get a rush of blood, roman blood, mixed race blood, yeah, English blood.

I picture you having a heart attack as you turn brown from fake tan.

You are in your union jack boxers and collapse on your bulldog rug.

A second later you open your eyes to a bright light in heaven.

All of the Angels are speaking a foreign language.

A brown Jesus wades through water and welcomes you with open arms,

he is making the effort to speak your native tongue and as he does so

birds fly under his mouth as it bleeds and they become robins.

“Welcome” he says “you are one of us, come…

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