About Antony Owen

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Antony Owen was born in Coventry and was raised by working class parents. His poetry subjects are diverse with a general focus on forgotten people and the consequences of international and domestic conflicts.

He is the author of five poetry collections by Pighog / Heaventree / Hesterglock /  and most recently V  Press .

His work has appeared in several literary journals worldwide including Magma, International Times plus translated works in both Dutch and Japanese war poetry anthologies by Poetry International Europe and Coal Sack Press (Japan).

In 2015 Owen self-funded a trip to Hiroshima to interview A-bomb survivors and meet various schools who have been taught some of his poems. His work has been exhibited at various peace centres including the International Convention Centre, Hiroshima.

In recognition of his work, CND Peace Education UK selected Owen as a patron in 2015 alongside award winning writer AL Kennedy.

Other past recognitions include being selected to meet Irish President Michael D. Higgins in 2014 on the first state visit to the UK by an Irish President. This was to acknowledge Owen’s voluntary work on co-organising the Coventry / Cork twin city poetry exchange. Owen will be launching his next collection The Nagasaki Elder in 2017 with V Press

Owen wishes to acknowledge The Coventry Hiroshima Society who have played a major role in organising and coordinating Owen’s peace activities in Japan. http://www.cnduk.org/information/peace-education/item/2254


  1. Mary Rose Peate says:

    Your poem about snow in Aleppo is outstandingly moving and very accomplished.

  2. […] poet Antony Owen performs his poem in this 2015 film by Adam Steiner (director), Brian Harley (camera and editing) […]

  3. Siobhan Campbell says:

    Your poem in the Morning Start today ‘How to survive a nuclear winter’ has forthrightness coupled with dry wit – creates a real encounter – thank you!

    • antonyowen says:

      Thanks Siobhan. Poetry has to say something or it says nothing at all. I hope art responds to these defining times as these times we inhabit define the social conscience of contemporary art.

  4. […] SOURCE: https://antonyowenpoetry.wordpress.com/vitae-2/ […]

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